This compressor makes everything sound nice, just like butter.
– John Hill


The Magic Death Eye Mono compressor smokes anything else I’ve got here,
and at this point I’ve got a lot…
– Greg Wells


I’ve known Ian for a long time, he knows what he’s doing. I love my
Magic Death Eye, it sounds fantastic.

-Al Schmitt


The Magic Death Eye has a big, open, classic sound, unhindered by gimmicks or trendy artifacts.
It is farm-to-table compression, and has leapfrogged over my other gear with ease.

-Rich Costey



The character of a Fairchild meets the reliability of a modern day compressor.
The Magic Death Eye is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

 -Tom Elmhirst


There’s no other compressor to compare it to. The Magic Death Eye is its own animal.
It does its own thing. Just take my word for it, you need one.

-Chad Franscoviak


The Magic Death Eye Compressor is a thing of beauty to look at and listen to.
As soon as I lifted it out of the box I could feel it was made by some one who takes their craft as seriously as I take mine.
The build quality is worthy of a place on the International Space Station.
What makes this box special to me is how large the ‘sweet spot’ in the gain reduction is,
I can be subtle or brutal and the compressor consistently gives me back magic.
The controls are solid and repeatable, the applications are only limited by one’s imagination,
this machine has been on some element of every mix since it arrived.

-John O’Mahony


This is my new secret weapon, especially on vocals.
Every time I use it my clients comment on how much they like the sound of and how the vocals sit in a track.
I love the control the 3 attack options give you with any given setting which,
is something I always wished things like my 670 had. A firm favorite!

-Francesco Cameli
Sphere Studios


Having used a ton of new and vintage equipment I can safely say that Ian’s Death Eye Compressor is the best of both worlds.
The hand made transformers give it the mojo that a lot of boutique gear just doesn’t have but you can also rely on it day to day without a tech on salary. These things are in the dead center of my rack and get used every day. Its literally impossible to make your source sound bad. And being a player who engineers a lot of my own playing that’s important cause I can stay thinking about music

-James Shaw



I have owned/used many “vari-mu” type compressors over the years.  The Magic Death Eye Model A is one of the nicest sounding “Fairchild” type compressor out there.  The custom-wounded transformers made by Ian himself are truly the magic of this beautiful compressor.  The tweaked Time Constants and the unique Attack modifier make this compressor suitable for all kinds of music.  You just can not make things sound bad with this compressor!  Two BIG thumbs up

-Simon Li
nOiz Studios Hong Kong



The Stereo Magic Death Eye sat on the stereo buss for the Emmys. Simply fabulous sound.

-Frank Wolf

Ok ok…We know it’s got the Bitchin’ Transformers, and a Ballsy Tube Sound.
But what sets it apart is the linearity across the entire frequency range.
It’s not rolling off your high end, or giving you tragically mushy bass. It maintains the integrity of the Sound you put into it,
and enhances it in all the right ways.
The MDE is a formidable day In/day out mastering Compressor,
and I couldn’t kick my expensive DIY Fairchild to the curb fast enough.

-Paris “The Miz” Minzer