Stereo Master Buss Compressor With EQ

The stereo compressor is two mono compressor circuits with some
extras designed for mastering and buss compression duties. The power supply
has separate high voltage and heater regulation for each side to minimize cross talk.
All controls are precision Elma stepped switches. Fine gain trimmers are provided
on the front panel for small stereo gain differences over time due to tube wear.
This new version has an added EQ section. There are two (boost only) bands
with two frequency selections each.
The EQ is worked into the Variable Mu tube gain structure. This means it is not
before or after the compression section, it is within it! The EQ circuit is inductor based and has
wide curves for giving program material that “little something”.
There is also a two frequency low cut for tightening up out of control bass.
The boost of the bands can be 5dB or 3dB split between 5  steps.
I spent a lot of time shaping this EQ mastering everyday and fine tuning the components
on the weekends. It sounds absolutely fabulous!

I will be making these with both black and silver face plates.
High end EQ is 12Khz and 5Khz +5dB or +3dB (5 steps and off)
Low end is 40Hz and 100Hz +5dB or +3dB (5 steps and off)
Low cut is 30hZ and 50hZ
Signal headroom up to +27 dBu in and out
Power supply is external