Recording equipment by Magic Death Eye LLC.



Due to my day job as a mastering engineer, I cannot make compressors as fast as I would like too.
they pop out every couple months, sometimes faster sometimes slower.
The waiting list thing just didn’t work for me as I felt I was making people wait too long as the list grew.
So I started the mailing list/first come first serve system.
I figure a finished compressor will fall into the right hands at the right time. Its the best I can do for now.
I’m able to service and maintain gear very quickly because I make repair a priority over
building new units. If you buy a compressor you have bought a little piece of me.
Each compressor is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.
I often form personal relationships with my customers and some become mastering clients as well.
My compressors often change a bit in design and features, especially the stereo, as I
am changing and growing as a person. Each compressor is special and an instant
classic when it leaves the work bench. Magic Death Eye is truly a different
kind of company, because it is what it is, was what it was, and always will be…


The fabulous and magical mono compressor plugin.

Created with Christian Siedschlag of DDMF, this plugin captures the sweet, unique sound of the hardware
and has some extras not possible in the real world.
It all started almost exactly one year ago when I emailed Christian about possibly modeling my compressor. I chose DDMF because I tried some of Christian’s plugins and read a bit about his physics background. I liked what he was doing and thought he was unique in the way he did it. It’s how I do my thing, a little roguish, a little weird, and very independent… I figured if we could get together and make something work, it would be amazing. I sent Christian a hardware unit and we got started. Christian came up with a totally unique way to model the compressor from the ground up, and with a lot of back and forth, trial and error, I noticed the software was taking on the subtle characteristics that the unit on my bench had.  I would loop my Audio Precision into Pro tools and run the plugin, measuring frequency response and THD+N just like I would with the hardware, and I was shocked at how close things were lining up considering what I was comparing! I actually started using the plugin on music before it even had a proper GUI. Just a couple sliders and some numbers. But when I put it on a vocal, it worked. It did that thing, held it gently but firm in the palm of its digital hand. Speaking of GUI’s, David Della Rocca of Session Recall made a beautiful graphic recreation of my products for his recall software before all of this got started. David finished up the artwork and the plugin was finally ready for beta testing!  It’s a beautiful digital baby that we had and we are proud to share it with the world.


When developing the plugin Christian was experimenting with the threshold and sent me a version that had a synthetic algorithm for how the gain reduction behaved. The compressor sounded slightly more aggressive and grabby. Kicks popped out a hair more. It was very cool and we bookmarked it  for later. Close to release we decided to slip it in as an option for those who like to randomly click around the user interface. Just an extra bonus and something “a little roguish and a little weird”. You will know when its engaged…Enjoy.


Available for $99 at the DDMF web store.

Demo it before you buy it!




Now offering JJ 6386 tube option!

For some extra dough, you can have your mono or stereo fitted with JJ 6386’s. The JJ’s are hassle free when it comes to tube noise and matching.
They come in matched quartets from the factory so that means I don’t have to burn them in and match them like the N.O.S 6BA6’s. They are a lot more expensive to re-tube when the time comes, and do sound a bit different, but are less of a headache than dealing with N.O.S tubes.



Listened to, and studied a lot of transformers. I wound mine to perfectly fit with the circuits I designed.
Fine tuned by listening over time. Not only by me but with other talented engineers and artists as well!
Beautiful sound shaped by a community…


Hey if you have had your compressor for a couple years now you might need a new set of tubes.
You should be able to really smash some drums on the (1) fast setting without a “fluttering” sound.
If your noticing that you can’t compress things more that 10 dB or so its time to buy
a new set of matched tubes. If you use your compressor for more subtle compression
and your not hearing any “snats” or “pops” then keep the old tubes in there and rock on.
Curve tracer matched set of 8 tubes is $80. If work has been slow and your in
a rough patch I’ll give you a better deal.


New chassis design puts tubes out the back!  Better heat management. Cooler internal
temperature and longer tube life. Same amazing sound!



Putting together transformer cases. Powder coated color, custom tags.


Vintage N.O.S. parts to spice up the mix…