Recording equipment by Magic Death Eye LLC.

Updated May 2018, yes I’m still alive all you poop faces

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Listened to, and studied a lot of transformers. I wound mine to perfectly fit with the circuits I designed.
Fine tuned by listening over time. Not only by me but with other talented engineers and artists as well!
Beautiful sound shaped by a community…


Hey if you have had your compressor for a couple years now you might need a new set of tubes.
You should be able to really smash some drums on the (1) fast setting without a “fluttering” sound.
If your noticing that you can’t compress things more that 10 dB or so its time to buy
a new set of matched tubes. If you use your compressor for more subtle compression
and your not hearing any “snats” or “pops” then keep the old tubes in there and rock on.
Curve tracer matched set of 8 tubes is $100. If work has been slow and your in
a rough patch I’ll give you a better deal.


New chassis design puts tubes out the back!  Better heat management. Cooler internal
temperature and longer tube life. Same amazing sound!




Prototype of a new mic pre/compressor. Magic transformers, FET input micpre, tube vari mu compression.
Versatile input output options. 1/4″ input and output, use it as a guitar pedal. Mic in or line in, use the
mic pre only or use the compressor only. Still in R&D mode with this, passing it around to all
my engineer peoples. This will be a table top unit and more affordable than its larger cousins.


New custom “black” mono built for Noah Goldstein


Putting together transformer cases. Powder coated color, custom tags.


Vintage N.O.S. parts to spice up the mix…