Recording equipment by Magic Death Eye LLC.

February 2021


Magic Death Eye is currently working on ramping up production to meet demand.
Mono Compressors will be in stock towards the end of 2021. If your on the mailing list you will be notified when the new units are available.

In other news, keep an eye out for a new plugin me and Christian from DDMF are close to finishing. Its going to be RAD…

Much love,



STEREO compressor plugin



Another release from a couple mad scientists, the stereo compressor plugin is here!

Available for $149 at the DDMF web site.

Demo it before you buy it!



Now an option… JJ 6386 tubes

I’ve been having more and more trouble with noisy 6BA6’s lately so I decided to
go ahead and switch to using the JJ 6386’s from now on. They do sound a bit different
but I have done a lot of listening and tweaking to match the qualities of the 6BA6’s that
I liked and am now confident in the new tubes. For the people who
have the money and patience to get a set of NOS GE 6386’s there are some slight
benefits being a little more over all gain and compression depth. Most of the differences between
all the tube types show up mainly when the compressor is being used as an effect, i.e., smashing things.
When using in the range of normal vocal compression or mastering/mixing buss duties
all the glory, tone, and gentle dynamics are the same.
If you simply must have the 6BA6’s I can switch them out before I send you
your unit. I have plenty of matched and tested 6BA6’s in stock and the world
will never run out of them. They were a common TV tube and there are millions
of them out there. The problem is after a couple months of use they may or may not
start “spitting” or “clicking”. A new set can be had for cheap and I can send them
out within a week.



Hey if you have had your compressor for a couple years now you might need a new set of tubes.
You should be able to really smash some drums on the (1) fast setting without a “fluttering” sound.
If your noticing that you can’t compress things more that 10 dB or so its time to buy
a new set of matched tubes. If you use your compressor for more subtle compression
and your not hearing any “snats” or “pops” then keep the old tubes in there and rock on.
Curve tracer matched set of 8 tubes is $80. If work has been slow and your in
a rough patch I’ll give you a better deal.